• 12 Big red shrimps 12
  • 4 Asparagus  4
  • 150 g  Burrata
  • 200 g Lettuce
  • Cream  (2 spoonfuls)
  • 30 g green apple cut into cubes
  • 150 g  Green apple juice

Asparagi Al Burro

  1. Peel the shirimps, divide them in half, remove the inner filament, wash and flatten them slightly;
  2. Cut the external part of the burrata into thin strips and mix them with the soft internal central part.
  3. Clean the asparagus, depriving them of the final part, peel them with a potato peeler, remove the apices, wash and sear them in salted boiling water, wash the stems and cut into strips of 3 centimetres.
  4. Prepare the condiment: mix the lemon juice with a pinch of salt, add the oil, the green apples juice and emulsify with a whisk or with a liquidiser; add the cubes of green apple;
  5. Cover appropriate domed cutters with the prepared shrimps, fill them with the burrata and put the condiment on the asparagus and lettuce.
  6. Finally serve them in the dishes adding a teaspoon of cream on top and the asparagus.

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